Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Motivation Review

I always have been a motivated girl; when I want to get a goal, I keep my focus on it. Since I arrived here, I have been doing some activities to keep my motivation on. My big motivation has been my teachers, they always remaind me the reason why I'm here, even Damian with his hammer (lol). I'm always gonna thank to my first teacher Steve Appell, because he gave me self-assurance to speak, he's so nice that I never fell scared to talk with him, that's important when you're learning a new language.

Also, I started to read a book in English, because I think it's a good way to learn new vocabulary. It's named "Women who love to much", it's a bestseller written by Robin Norwood. This book is about women who have had disfunctional problems in their families since they were children, and after they became adults, they're envolved in insane relationships with guys who aren't available to settled down or keep a sane relationship. It's interesting for me, because I can improve my english and learn about some interesting life's topics at the same time.

Also, one of my motivation activity is write in English on Facebook. Almost every day I post a message on my wall about any topic, often I post on my friends' walls to say Hi or to make jokes with them. Also, I put some pictures and everyone comments them writing in English. This is an informal way to learn English, but not least important, because we can improve our writing skills without have any kind of pressure, it's a relaxing way to improve it.


  1. Hi Dairys, roomate and classmate.... I agree with you. Everyday I post something in english in my facebook page, so I can improve my writing skills. I love to write, is relaxing, and when the thought comes, the best way to put it out is writing. I like Michelle`s classes very much, because it seems that we`re talking and not in a boring class. See you!!!!

  2. I'm so proud of you. I can feel you motivation when you are writing. Is awesome !!
    Maybe I'm going to read your blogs everyday. I'm already a fan. However, I thing you should choice story less romantic. Just the title of the book make me sick. But I agree with you, is an excellent way to improve your english.
    PS: Yesterday, you were so pretty. See ya later alligator