Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fictional Story using idioms!

Mark Zuckerberg was in the works on the creation of the most powerful networking of the world, named FACEBOOK.

After Steve Job's company took a nosedive, Jobs decided to ask to Bill Gates to start a new business and getting off the ground in the Networking Business, after all this is the future market. They took on some employees, then they met Mark Zuckerberg and decided to strike while the iron is hot, because Zuckerberg had developed a great idea.

In that moment, Zuckerberg had written off his contract with IBM, because he wasn't taking over on his own business. IBM wanted to buy FACEBOOK from him at a loss. However, Gates and Jobs had some ideas in stock to avoid their company bottomed out: They'll gather their experiences about the business to create the new powerful company in America: JOBS&GATES NETWORKING, where the top-notch product would be FACEBOOK.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

MEN-MENU comes up to get over with BROKENHEARTS


It will sound crazy but I figured out the solution to all our love's problem!! I have invented a kind of Store-Laboratory named "MEN-MENU", where women can go to get her men's dreams. We're already in the future, so we can do this kind of things, how? It's easy! We have created some kind of robots that it looks like real humans and we put inside their bodies a mix of feelings. We mixed up a bit of patient, good-listener, emotional intelligence, fidelity, not-alcoholic drinker, and much more feelings that you can add depending your requirements.


The aim of this product is give to young women, inbetween 21 and 45 years old, the power to avoid brokenhearts, because they can choice exactly whatever they want: height, size, age, hair and eyes color, even feelings and academic degrees. It's an amazing solution to not complaint anymore about men's defaults.


Marketing Plans includes Newspaper Ads, Magazine Ads, Radio and TV Spots, Interviews and fences.


It's depend on the ingredients that you select, however the cost is around $15,000 and $25,000.


You can get your man-package calling to 786-789-8956 or through our website

Don't lose this opportunity...

Strike while the iron is hot!!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Motivation Review

I always have been a motivated girl; when I want to get a goal, I keep my focus on it. Since I arrived here, I have been doing some activities to keep my motivation on. My big motivation has been my teachers, they always remaind me the reason why I'm here, even Damian with his hammer (lol). I'm always gonna thank to my first teacher Steve Appell, because he gave me self-assurance to speak, he's so nice that I never fell scared to talk with him, that's important when you're learning a new language.

Also, I started to read a book in English, because I think it's a good way to learn new vocabulary. It's named "Women who love to much", it's a bestseller written by Robin Norwood. This book is about women who have had disfunctional problems in their families since they were children, and after they became adults, they're envolved in insane relationships with guys who aren't available to settled down or keep a sane relationship. It's interesting for me, because I can improve my english and learn about some interesting life's topics at the same time.

Also, one of my motivation activity is write in English on Facebook. Almost every day I post a message on my wall about any topic, often I post on my friends' walls to say Hi or to make jokes with them. Also, I put some pictures and everyone comments them writing in English. This is an informal way to learn English, but not least important, because we can improve our writing skills without have any kind of pressure, it's a relaxing way to improve it.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Interesting Class in The Cuban Store

Hey Michelle, Thank you for this kind of classes! I think there are better than indoor classes in school, even though weather was really hot, it was different and entertaining, we can do it again! thanks for that...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Alfie Review


Mention Title:
Genre: Chick Flick / Drama
Director: Charlie Shyer
Actors: Jude Law, Sienna Miller, Susan Sarandon
Date of Release: November 5, 2004.


In Manhattan, the British limousine driver Alfie is surrounded by beautiful women, most of them clients, and he lives as a Don Juan, having one night stands with all of them and without any sort of commitment. His girl-friend and single-mother Julie is quite upset with the situation and his best friends are his colleague Marlon and his girl-friend Lonette. Alfie has a brief affair with Lonette, and the consequences of his act forces Alfie to reflect and wonder about his life style.


Alfie is a typical womanizer who believes that every woman can’t resist his charming, that really annoyed me! I must admit this kind of movie is so realistic, because almost every men are like Alfie at least in a stage of their life, they brake the hearts’ women just to live crazy experiences with other women, sometimes without think that he would be lose an happy life join his woman’s dreams… and maybe that’s why I really hate it. Another fact that I hated also was when the leading character (Alfie) looked directly to the camera to talk with us, it was so annoying, I don’t like this kind of effects, it’s confusing because they mixed up the acting with the reality, and it’s so tedious for me.

I prefer other kind of movies, sush as Sci-fiction, Comedy, Romantic… however I think it was amusing for a while, the actors played very convincing, I really hated Alfie actually, so they did a good job. Susan Sarandon got my attention; she played like a superficial woman, sexy and self- confidence that I loved her. About the director, I think that he wanted to show how a superficial life could end up in an empty life, everything seemed nice, sexy, funny can become in a disaster and also how people make mistakes while they’re having a crazy life and after they feel regret about their behavior, when they have lost values people or things and then they can’t do anything about it.

Related to the music, special effects and cinematography, I think it join the story perfectly. Every time that something happened, like a new meeting between Alfie and any girl, both the music and special effects had a perfect combination to get our attention and we could feel exactly that the director wanted to perform, that’s important and I think Shyer did it.


It’s difficult to say if I would recommend this kind of movie or not, because usually I wouldn’t like to watch it, but after to understand the movie, I think it has an important moral to learn. I specially recommend this movie to men, because it’s interesting they can see what the result of their stupid behavior is. Maybe, they can reflect about it and change a little bit their life, at least for a while. Even though, it would be interesting for some women also, because they can identified with kind of man they have a relationship and what behavior they must have to get the right man.

Michelle teaching about Motivation!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

All About me...

Writing about me is not easy! But, I’ll try…

I am going to introduce myself: My name is Dairys Bermúdez, I’m from Venezuela and I’m twenty-seven years old. I received my degree in 2005, now I’m an Advertising & Public Relations Executive, and a Journalist, too. I came here because I wanted to change my life, brake my routines.

In Venezuela, I had a hard job. I worked from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. Sometimes I had to work overtime, until 10:00pm or more. I loved my job, but to stay all the time in the same place and have the same responsibilities is really boring. My job title was “Account Advertising Manager” in a Publicity Agency, named PROACCIÓN PUBLICIDAD. I worked there for six years, I offered my services to a lot of important advertisers, such as ENELVEN (Electric Industry of Venezuela), Intercontinental Hotel,Phillips Morris Venezuela, Bitmax Technostore (like Best Buy) and others companies too.

That was a wonderful experience, but I really needed to do something different. When I decided to come here, my entire family was so upset, because I would be away from them for too long. I thought the same thing, but I explained to them about my plans here. I told my mom I wanted to take a different path and get more opportunities, because life is just like this. I really want to learn English, meet new people, live in a different country and get a better job in the future.

I always have been a strong woman; I go for my goals all the time, because I think this is the best way to get what one wants in life. My mom taught me this, “If you want something, go for it… We only have one life”. Also, I think I’m a real dreamer, I can imagine anything I want, before it becomes real, that’s so good for me, because I get motivation to carry on my plans. My big dream now is to live here in the United States, get a Master Degree in Marketing and improve my career. If I achieve this goal,I can get a good job here in an important company, like McDonald’s, Coca-Cola or any mass communication media company, such as CNN, Univision, Telemundo, that would be amazing!

So, I’m not here just to achieve a good job, I also want to find my soul mate! I really think this is too difficult. When I was I teenager, around fifteen years old, I thought I could find a nice guy, have a serious relationship, get my University degree and after that, get married and live happily ever after with “the love of my life”… Now, I think that was only a dream! True love is the most difficult thing to achieve in all of life, so if you are women, it’s the worst! Although I think it isn’t impossible to get,because some people can find it. So, I hope some day I can meet a good guy and have a family together.

I consider myself a friendly and happy woman,because I’m always smiling and I like to share my experiences with another people. I like enjoying time with my friends, go swimming, have dinner,have fun at parties and Nightclubs, get some drinks and have a wonderful time. I think life is too short, we should enjoy it, we have to take care, because when we get old, we can remember the wonderful life with our loved ones and re-live it all again.