Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fictional Story using idioms!

Mark Zuckerberg was in the works on the creation of the most powerful networking of the world, named FACEBOOK.

After Steve Job's company took a nosedive, Jobs decided to ask to Bill Gates to start a new business and getting off the ground in the Networking Business, after all this is the future market. They took on some employees, then they met Mark Zuckerberg and decided to strike while the iron is hot, because Zuckerberg had developed a great idea.

In that moment, Zuckerberg had written off his contract with IBM, because he wasn't taking over on his own business. IBM wanted to buy FACEBOOK from him at a loss. However, Gates and Jobs had some ideas in stock to avoid their company bottomed out: They'll gather their experiences about the business to create the new powerful company in America: JOBS&GATES NETWORKING, where the top-notch product would be FACEBOOK.

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